Roofing FYI

Having difficulties with your roof? Often roofing issues can be traced back to a few key problems created from poor construction, insulation or installation. Below we have outlined a number of issues home and business owners face from poor roof construction or maintainance. Keep in mind, small amounts of maintainance and care can save you potentially thousands of dollars over years.

Raise The Roof

With Lisa Van De Ven at Holmes Magazine. Keeping a roof over your head is more than just paying down the bills. Here's how to spot problems on your roof and take care of them before they overtake you.

Ice Damming

Perhaps the most common source of damage, during our long and harsh Canadian winters. Ice damming while often picturesque can do a lot of damage over time to your buildings shingles and brickwork. To learn more about ice damming and to view some example pictures, please click here

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